Choo Beng Kuan: How to Re-Ignite Your Body and Stay Trim and Fit for Life

In the most recent Next Level Conference, Beng Kuan highlighted the importance of health and its correlation with wealth. According to Beng, people should consider the significance of health for enjoying life to the fullest.

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Understanding the Importance of Health

He emphasizes the importance of good health for well-being and enjoying life. He introduces himself and his mission to share ways to re-ignite the body and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He relates to the audience by acknowledging individuals' challenges in their 40s, including work, family commitments, and busy schedules.

The Struggles of Staying Fit 

People face struggles with weight gain and low energy levels, and this was his experience when he reached his mid-30s. He discussed his experience of feeling heavy, sluggish, and overwhelmed due to his demanding work, travel, and family responsibilities. His initial attempts at exercise led to injuries and setbacks, prompting him to reflect on his health and fitness choices.

Seeking Knowledge and Transformation

To address his health issues, Ben Kuan delved into research and formal training on health and fitness. He obtained a certification from the American Council for Exercise and became a qualified coach. He highlights the significance of a structured approach and functional training. His journey also included experimenting with different diets and wellness practices to discover effective methods.

The Changing Body and Metabolism

The presentation delves into how the body changes with age. Beng Kuan explains that metabolism declines after age 30, leading to weight gain and decreased energy levels. He outlines individuals' challenges in their 40s, including stiffness, soreness, and breathlessness. He also discusses the difficulties of managing weight and fitness while juggling family and work responsibilities.

The Treatment Fit for Life Principle

He then introduced the "Treatment Fit for Life" principle, aimed at re-igniting the body's metabolism and staying fit, especially for people above 40. He explains that the principle involves a combination of proper nutrition, workout routines, and maintaining a positive mindset. He emphasizes that this approach can be incorporated into busy schedules and yield sustainable results.

Personal Transformation and Success

The presentation showcases the speaker's transformation through the Treatment Fit for Life principle. Beng Kuan shares how he improved his energy levels, strength, and overall health. He narrates his participation in races and physical activities that he previously thought were out of reach. The speaker's success story serves as an inspiration for others to embark on their health journey.

Testimonials and Community Impact

There were several testimonials from individuals who have benefited from the Treatment Fit for Life principle. These testimonials highlighted the diverse reasons for pursuing health and fitness goals, from weight loss to family bonding. Beng further emphasizes the importance of a supportive community and shares his vision of spreading the principle's benefits to more people.

Embracing Health and Wealth

The presentation was concluded by reinforcing that health is as important as wealth. He encourages the audience to prioritize health to enjoy life and pursue their dreams. His Telegram channel for ongoing tips and advice on healthy living and fitness. He announces upcoming online sessions where participants learn more about the Treatment Fit for Life principle.


Beng calls the audience to take action and prioritize their health and well-being. Beng Kuan's transformation from someone who struggled with weight gain to someone healthy and fit motivates others to take charge of their lives. Everyone is encouraged to lead and embrace a healthier lifestyle for a fulfilling and energetic life.

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