Increase your Sales for your Business through these 10 Tips

Rejections are common for anyone in sales. We all hate getting rejected, but it’s part of the game when you’re looking to get someone’s buy-in. The product you offer, no matter how amazing and beneficial it is for a prospect, won’t necessarily close deals right away.

Building positive relationships is key to achieving success in closing a sale. Whether it's for cold or warm calling, building rapport will help any business or salesperson effectively walk prospects through the sales process.

Our instincts and emotional intelligence will play a big role in taking our success to the next level. 

  1. Be yourself

Your goal is to earn your prospects' trust first. Speak in a normal speaking tone, and let them feel that you’re not pretending to be someone you’re not. You don’t need to have made-up stories just to impress them.

  1. Maintain a friendly attitude

Being friendly to others exudes a positive aura and makes you approachable. Give a firm handshake, smile, and engage in a conversation.

  1. Be genuinely interested

Your success plan should include taking a genuine interest in talking to a prospect and asking questions. Be careful not to end up talking more than them. Always listen and acknowledge their responses. This will also help you slowly build your knowledge of your potential client.

  1. Search for common ground

Find similarities, such as schools attended, places you’ve lived, shared connections, or a hobby. Having shared experiences is a good idea too, like going out for coffee, brainstorming for a solution, or playing a sport together.

  1. Praise with professionalism and sincerity.

Giving out compliments is a good way of setting a positive atmosphere. You could praise specific aspects, like their office, customer service, product design, or website. To avoid sounding insincere, make it as personalized as possible and not too generic.

  1. Don’t make assumptions

It’s easy to assume that those who have higher positions, like CEOs, are always busy and in a rush. But it’s not always the case. Although not all of them will have as much time as you might need, don’t pass up the chance to build rapport with a potential decision-maker.

  1. Know their culture 

In this evolving economy, businesses and business owners have different cultures to take into consideration. Showing up in a suit-and-tie might be off for a business owner with a more casual operation.

  1. Understand their challenges

Once you’ve been able to learn more about your potential client, you can ask questions to figure out what their challenges are in their operations. Understand what their pain is and see if there are problems that can be resolved together.

  1. Show empathy

Empathy means being able to show that you understand the feelings of another person and communicate that you care. When you’re able to get someone comfortable enough to talk about themselves, it’s a good sign. Harvard neuroscientists shared in a study that when people talk about themselves, they find this rewarding.  

  1. Show the value of your offering

Focus on a value-based approach by understanding the day-to-day pain points of your prospects. See how your solution can help their organization, whether it be in the daily process, financially, in terms of productivity, or in terms of security. 

Income Generating Strategies through Amazing Business Relationships

Our evolving economy means we should constantly evolve to the next level ourselves. Building rapport might sound like extra work for some, but we should take a step further to build lasting and stronger relationships to further our business growth.

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