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Tips for Growing Your Follower Count from 0 to 1,000 (Part 2)

It’s challenging to continuously grow your audience and make your content more visible to your target audience. Driving traffic can help your marketing efforts get your desired results.

  1. Instagram Search Engine Optimization through your bio
  2. Instagram SEO through hashtags
  3. Instagram SEO through consistent branding
  4. Instagram SEO through your fan and community interaction
  5. Instagram SEO traffic strategy optimization

If we follow the above five methods, we can gradually accumulate new followers. 

So this time, let's learn more about additional advanced practical methods.

Instagram SEO daily operation optimization: one-time or batch uploads

Daily uploading isn’t required to become a well-known creator on Instagram, but if we can manage it, we can keep the quality of our content and our posting style consistent, which will increase the influence of our personal branding. 

Even if you are very busy from Monday to Friday and have the ability to upload every day, it's best to focus on interacting with your audience daily rather than uploading manually every day.

The advantage of doing this is that you don't have to think about the topic of the post every day, and you can spend your time effectively all at once.

In general, an ideal upload schedule is once a week. You can share the theme of the month and create critical posts. Just make adjustments as you see fit, and then publish your content. This allows you to operate more systematically while also maintaining a consistent style and quality.

Instagram SEO style theme optimization plus advanced version

In the previous article, we talked about style theme and content quality optimization, which we’ll dive deeper into this time. 

Instagram can showcase your style in a professional presentation gallery, where your style can be shown through these types of posts that are worth considering:

Same color tone: Maintaining the same color tone can make the overall version, face consistency, and photos very suitable for this method.

Checkerboard: If there are two types of content, this is the simplest method to maintain. This means alternating the content types, which results in an Instagram grid that looks like a checkerboard. 

Vertical: This creates a sense of straight downward extension and allows for two or three color tones to be varied.

Horizontal: The disadvantage of the horizontal style is that if you do not have three posts, you cannot create a horizontal visual effect.

Puzzles: You can also use an app to arrange puzzles such as Split, Photosplit, Gridmaker, etc.

Instagram SEO content quality optimization plus an advanced version

In the previous article, we learned that the style and content quality of poetry photos are very important, so in addition to the advanced style of typography, the optimization of the content of poetry is also a great focus, and in this article, I’ve divided it into "theme content" and "visual layout" to explore two parts.

  • The focus of "theme content" is as follows: 

You can start by copying another Instagram user’s feed and then slowly personalizing it to your liking.

Avoid using ambiguous content and visuals that are difficult to read.

Create a practical, creative, easy-to-read text, and add your tone to create uniqueness.

  • The key points of the "visual layout" are as follows:

The color palette of photos must be uniform and clear, and the layout must be neat with a good amount of white space.

To make your graphic content more recognizable and aesthetically pleasing, it should use a consistent color scheme.

Put your logo or floating watermark on your account to improve professionalism, and always pay attention to and learn from other favorite Instagram accounts.

If you can pay attention to the above points, you will be able to focus on the balance between thematic content and visual layout at the same time!

Instagram SEO Personal Impression Optimization

Truthfulness: Being honest is very important because it demonstrates our willingness to be ourselves, which will draw like-minded people to us and prevent our work from becoming inconsistent and generating public disapproval. It is important to keep a genuine sense of sharing.

We can share your experience of implementation and learning in a limited amount of time. We can let fans know that you are serious and sincere. Fans will also have the feeling of sharing learning experiences with us.

In the Next Level Academy, students are trained on how to build their Instagram, use their profiles to their advantage, successfully capture more new fans, and develop their creator economy! I hope to see you practice these tips in your Instagram profiles soon. 

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