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14 Tips to Build an Unwavering Brand Online

It takes time to build and establish your brand. Struggling with a brand strategy is not uncommon. They are a complex beast to tackle, for sure. There are several strategies to do this, but content marketing is a crucial part of it. With the creator economy continuously growing, we’ve whipped up a content creation guide that will help you champion your brand in the digital space.

An Expert Guide to being the Best in Content Creation 

  1. Create content with a purpose. You’ve heard repeatedly that knowing your audience is essential prior to creating a content piece. Once you have established your customer persona, always consider why and what you want to communicate with your audience.

  1. Develop a plan for creating content. Outlining and identifying your content needs and strategizing how to go about your content creation will help you have a consistent voice and message.

  1. Creating content for specific channels. It's crucial to have a core message in your brand. Implement a channel strategy to ensure not to lose your brand voice when communicating through other channels. At the same time, knowing that Instagram and LinkedIn will have differences in how messages are delivered.

  1. Create content that encourages your audience to interact. Talk about your customers versus talking about your achievements. Yes, business milestones are great but sharing how they were achieved can better show your brand’s values. This can encourage questions from your audience.

  1. Create content that’s likable & shareable. One recurring and effective method for gaining more likes and shares is when you tell a story. This could be as simple as how a problem was solved, telling a story about a known personality, or sharing how a small business turned things around during challenging times. 

  1. Create an emotional impact to motivate. When you want to motivate people, it’s crucial to build human connections. An audience that feels a certain emotion can be driven to take action. Using fear of missing out, excitement about improving one's self, and pressure from society are some examples of how to evoke these emotions.

  1. Develop a sense of urgency. An object that becomes attainable for a limited period only, urges a person to decide and act faster. These can be useful when offering online courses, signing up for an event, or even just reading a long article promptly.

  1. Increase relevance. Your audience has different facets in their lives. Knowing their needs, wants, and struggles will give you a good edge when you create your content based on those. An example is when you talk about the struggles of work-life balance during different phases of a career.

  1. Increase clarity. Talk about topics that benefit your readers. Always make it a point to talk in a language that’s simple and easy to understand.

  1. Push some buttons. Your audience has a certain pain area that they may or may not be aware of. Establishing these pain points and attempting to address them may gain your reader’s interest.

  1. Focus on giving value and lessen promotions. People have a good radar for sales pitches and some would instantly keep their distance when they sense it. Focus on providing solutions, and giving educational value.

  1. Include a strong call to action. A good CTA should be able to encourage your audience to take the next step from simply reading your content. It could be to follow your page, download your eBook, sign up for the next free class, etc.

  1. Be current. Be in the know about all the updates and changes happening in your respective fields. Getting updates in different industries is much easier nowadays thanks to the internet. 

  1. Be authentic. Let your brand shine through with your values and mission for your business. Communicate these values well and your prospects will likely be inclined to become loyal fans in the long run.

Champion A Successful Brand Online

Keep this content creation guide in mind whenever you’re planning and strategizing your content marketing. We look forward to seeing your brand come out even stronger after applying these tips.

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