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At Next Level Academy, we’re all about exploring cutting-edge ideas in education and technology. We deep dive into uncharted territories, pushing boundaries to unlock personal transformation.

You see, we’re not just your average company with an ordinary mission. When it comes to Personal Breakthroughs, Financial Empowerment & Digital Transformation - we’re all in.

And we love surrounding ourselves with like-minded people who share our passion. But here’s the thing - we don’t just care about your skills and experience. We want to know what really motivates you and gets you out of bed in the morning.

Because here at Next Level Academy, we believe that when your passion aligns with your work, that's when real magic happens. So, let's get real and have a chat!

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Where We’re Going

Introducing the Future of Investing:
The World's Most Advanced Gamified Investing App

At our core, we provide exceptional education to millions of individuals across the globe via our Options Mastery Program and Buffett Online School Value Investing course. But we don’t just stop at education alone.

Introducing the SUPERINVESTOR: The groundbreaking app that merges practical investing strategies with gamification, delivering a whole new investing experience. By comparing institutional ownership in real time, investors have all they need to make smart, independent decisions in a snap.

We have set our sights on a bold goal: to reach 1 billion users by 2030 and transform the investing landscape on a global scale.

Planting An Investor In Every Household

“There is a secret psychology of money. Most people don’t know about it. That’s why most people never become financially successful. A lack of money is not the problem; it is merely a symptom of what’s going on inside of you.” T. Harv Eker

In schools, they obsess over academics and career prospects, and neglect one crucial lesson -financial literacy. And that’s where we come in.

Our flagship Next Level Options Mastery Program empowers individuals to become confident investors and wise money managers. Our proven track record speaks for itself - having created 15 millionaires and impacted 11,150 lives. Just imagine a world where financial literacy is the norm - and that’s what we’re aiming for, one household at a time.

Birthplace Of A Million Creators

In today's digital age, we're experiencing something truly extraordinary - the thriving creator economy and the unprecedented rise of creators.

Anyone can pursue their dreams in any field they desire - and step into the role of a content producer, consultant, coach, educator and so much more.

We go one step further by helping individuals offer their expertise directly to clients across the globe, massively multiplying their income.

And here's where it gets exciting. When you join the team at Next Level Academy, you're not just witnessing this from the sidelines. You’re right in the heart of the action - the birthplace of a million creators.

Extraordinary Events, By Extraordinary People

We Work Hard But We Play Harder

We don't just pay lip service to "work-life balance"—we genuinely live and breathe it! We believe in working hard, but when it's time to play, we go all out! Brace yourself for an incredible lineup of team-building activities, culinary experiences and sports outings where we'll let loose and have a blast.

Why do we care so much? Because we know that when you're truly happy and fulfilled at work, amazing things happen.

Who We’re Looking For

Let's get straight to the point because we value your time and ours. We're in search of exceptional individuals who are A Players. And what do we mean by that?


A Players are individuals who bring their A-game to everything they do.


They are the go-getters, the top performers, and the ones who consistently surpass expectations.


A Players are goal-oriented.


They display a high level of accountability and reliability.


A Players are also excellent communicators, experts in presenting their ideas with clarity


Their enthusiasm is infectious, inspiring others to bring their best.


And they are known for their open-mindedness and unwavering willingness to learn from others.

If you possess these qualities, you already know it.
And if that's you…

We want you on our team because we're all about making a real impact right from day one.

Joining our team opens doors to incredible learning opportunities. We invest in your growth with personal and professional development programs, workshops and mentorship initiatives to unlock your full potential. And you'll have the opportunity to work alongside other exceptional like-minded individuals who share the same hunger for success.

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What Our People Are Saying About Next Level Academy

Looking for the power to make a tangible and
positive impact on people’s lives? Then you’re at the right place!

Not only that, here at Next Level Academy - you’ll also find limitless opportunities for your own professional growth. And I absolutely love the people-centric culture that nurtures and supports each individual. It's a place where your talents are celebrated, your ideas are heard.

My other favorite thing? Regular sports activities with the team! Now, I don't have to stress about squeezing in gym time because we get to have fun and stay active together.

I actually look forward to going to work every day! :)

Alison Gan
Vice President of Diamond Business Club / Singapore

Hands down, the best thing about being in Next Level Academy is having the opportunity to witness remarkable stories of individual growth.

From achieving 5 to 7 figures in the stock market to hitting 6-figure milestones as solopreneurs, the achievements are awe-inspiring. I've seen students who dropped out of school to build their own thriving businesses, and the list goes on.

And here, I've had the privilege of learning from super talented individuals. Whether it's my brilliant students, amazing team members or project partners in the personal development industry, it has been truly inspiring.

It makes me feel accomplished knowing that we’re doing something really meaningful here -helping people invest in themselves and achieve financial empowerment. And I’m proud to be a part of it.

Glen Ho
Head of Next Level Invest / Singapore

Let me tell you about the best part of working at this company –
they truly know how to play to your strengths!

One of the things I absolutely love is the opportunity to explore various roles, from marketing and branding to public speaking and sales. It's been an awesome journey of self-discovery and professional growth.

I found out what I’m really good at - marketing - where creativity and strategy come together seamlessly. Plus, I’ve got the privilege of leading the best team ever to make it happen. Together, we breathe life into ideas and drive impactful campaigns like no other.

I must say, here we have the incredible freedom and resources to dive into testing and innovation - day in, day out. And that’s a major plus point!

Jana Ho
Head of Marketing / Singapore

It’s here at Next Level Academy where you'll meet some of the best colleagues you could imagine.

In 2022, I made a bold decision to leave behind the comfort of a large corporation to join Next Level Academy. And let me tell you - joining this team this was the best professional move I could have made.

Being part of the operations team, I have the incredible opportunity to create unforgettable events, webinars and experiences. But what’s even better? The exceptional people I work alongside every single day. We’re a tight-knit crew. And these people aren’t just colleagues; they are my mentors, cheerleaders, and friends :)

Ryan Neo
Senior Operations Executive / Singapore

Working at Next Level Academy is an incredible experience, and I'm excited to share with you some key reasons why I love working here:

Remote Work Culture: As someone based in Malaysia and working remotely for a company based in Singapore, Next Level Academy has fostered a supportive and inclusive remote work culture. The company understands the importance of work-life balance and provides the flexibility needed to thrive while working from home.

Impactful Work: At Next Level Academy, the work we do has a real impact on people's lives. By providing high-quality education and training, we empower individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their career goals. Knowing that my efforts contribute to the success and growth of others is incredibly rewarding.

Supportive Leadership: The leadership team at Next Level Academy is approachable, supportive, and genuinely cares about the well-being and success of its employees. They foster a positive work environment that encourages open communication, feedback, and innovation. This creates a sense of trust and motivation among the team.

Julian Yong
Head Coach at Next Level Academy / Malaysia

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