5 Effective Ways to Boost Positivity and Business Productivity

A business could end up with declining productivity. The employees are disengaged, performance has been fluctuating, and teams are struggling to manage their tasks and achieve their goals.

There are several ways to address workplace productivity, but if you haven’t been practicing charismatic leadership yet, then sit tight.

What is Charisma?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is a personal magic of leadership that arouses special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure. It comes from the Greek word "favor," which means "favor" or "gift."

A charismatic person is often associated with someone who is appealing, easily likable, and inspiring to others. This person has the power to get someone to smile back with less effort.

Boosting Business Productivity through Charisma

Not all people have charisma. The good news is that, according to a study by a British professor, charisma is 50% innate and 50% trained

So even if you feel like you’re not naturally charismatic, it can be acquired and cultivated.

When you’re able to develop charisma, you’ll be able to influence your team towards positive change and even engage more people outside of your business.

Here are some tips to try out so you can harness the magic of charisma and start increasing your business productivity.

  1. Practice self-awareness and assertiveness

Know and understand your strengths and weaknesses. Maximize your strengths and continue to work on your weaknesses. Being mindful of your current state allows you to be more cautious about how you act around the people in your circle.

  1. Develop empathy and improve emotional intelligence

Once you have a good sense of yourself, you’ll have a better understanding of your people, their emotions, and what they’re going through. People will feel more comfortable opening up to you. 

Practice listening actively to their thoughts and feelings about specific areas of the business. This will help improve productivity because your employees won’t hesitate to tell you about any challenges they’re experiencing.

  1. Nurture your relationships

Paying attention to every nuance and every word that the other person is saying will take their trust to the next level. Charismatic leaders ensure that there’s two-way communication. 

Building a good foundation of trust will pave the way for faster and easier decision-making throughout your workplace.

  1. Exude confidence

Mind your body language and stay relaxed. People will trust you more easily when you keep your hands open rather than having crossed arms. 

Maintain eye contact, but observe the other person’s body language too to determine if they’re still comfortable with the level of eye contact you’re making. 

Displaying trust by delegating tasks to your team members is a good productivity strategy. Giving them a sense of responsibility can also build their confidence when you show them how important they are to your group’s success.

  1. Share your optimism

Build a positive outlook whenever there’s a challenge. Encourage your staff members, seniors, and leaders to look on the bright side when the going gets tough. 

Motivate them by taking notice of both big and small achievements. When you receive a compliment, share the credit by mentioning other people involved, and anyone who helped you out. Build a culture of praise in the workplace.

Charisma and Leadership

Social skills can be learned, and charisma is a social skill that you can hone through constant practice. Soon enough, you’ll be a natural people magnet who’s fully competent to help others succeed.

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