How to Go Viral through Instagram Reels Hashtags to Gain Huge Traffic for your Business

If you have trouble connecting with your target market, it may be difficult to establish a social media presence for your company. In the beginning, you'll think that your insightful posts are being missed by readers.

As business owners, going viral on Instagram might not be a top priority when you’re starting out. But once you’re ready to grow and attract a bigger audience, taking advantage of Instagram reels with the right hashtags is one strategy you can adapt.

What Makes a Reel Viral?

There are several factors that would make a post or reel go viral, but at the end of the day, people pay more attention when they find it useful. They can be categorized into these main types:

Educational: These are reels or posts that provide new ideas, hacks, or tips that could help the viewers.

Relatable: content that makes the audience feel like they are seen, that they’re not alone, or that captures a slice of their reality.

Inspirational: most people look at social media to de-stress and seek videos that make them laugh, be amazed, or even cry, which may likely result in a replay or a share.

Benefits of Instagram Hashtags

Increases your audience reach: hashtags increase your exposure and the chances of being discovered by an audience who like and follow the same topic.

Identifies your brand: having unique hashtags for Instagram can help you gain your potential audience faster, especially for your campaigns or launches.

Makes search efficient: when potential buyers are researching certain products or services, reels hashtags can help the search be drilled down faster.

Receive feedback faster: When your customers are aware of your hashtags, they are able to connect with your business much faster when they publicly post a review. 

Tips on Using the Best Hashtags for Instagram Reels

  • Plan and utilize your brand hashtags for reels

Be in line with your branding and plan out your hashtags. Use these hashtags consistently whenever you publish a new reel.

  • Scout and analyze competitor hashtags

Know the hashtags your competitors are using and make sure that you’re on that hashtag explore page too once you’ve determined that hashtag is adequate for your business.

  • Use a hashtag tool 

There are content creator tools that can help you figure out which hashtags are relevant for a given keyword. A few examples are Ritetag, Flick, and All Hashtag.

  • Review trending hashtags on the Instagram app

Watch what your audience is seeing by searching for a keyword in your niche. This will let you keep an eye on any popular videos that have been posted recently. These hashtags for Instagram reels will help you identify potential trends too.

Reel In Those Views

Instagram's reel hashtags can engage your current audience and direct new eyes to your product, offer, or service. Don’t be afraid to get creative, but always be smart about your choice of words when deciding on a hashtag to use. Remember that viral videos don’t always happen overnight! 

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