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Instagram Reels Usage and Top 3 Tips to Increase your Views

Since the number of TikTok users has exploded in the past two years, the number of users of all social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram has dropped slightly under the strong threat of TikTok short videos.

The above three social media platforms have launched short videos in order to get the users' views back again! Their choice of entertainment has evolved, which has shown how Instagram's algorithm has also changed since the emergence of reels. Did you know that almost half of all Instagram users interact with a reel at least once every week?

If we want to catch up with Instagram, reels are something we need to pay attention to. Putting effort into this format is a must nowadays in order to lure in our target audience more effectively, so let's start!

THE BASICS: How Do I Create IG Reels?

  1. There are two ways to create reels.You can either click on the upper right corner of your profile page, click the "+" sign and select Reel. The second way is to click on the reel icon in the middle of your IG homescreen, then tap the camera on the upper right. Click Reel to create Instagram’s short-form video.

  1. On the left side of your screen, you’ll see all the tools you can play around with including the gesture icon so you can start recording videos by simply putting your hand in front of the screen.

Creative Tools for Using Instagram Reels:

Audio: Choose music from the Instagram music library to add a mood and 

Length: Choose from 15, 30, 60, or 90 second length limits depending on your preference.

Speed: Speed up or slow down the entire video or a specific paragraph to enrich the visual effect.

Special effects: Choose special effects to create reels, and use different AR filters for multiple videos for creative shots.

Video Layout: Choose different screen splits to present continuous video effects at different times.

Timer: There's no need to press the record button for a long time after turning it on, so you can free your hands for more flexibility and express yourself more.

Here are three reel techniques to try out:

Tip 1: Add caption without talking, but with music

In IG's reels, you can set the appearance or disappearance time point of the edited text.

You can also edit different fonts and characters. Choose your favorite music and place the text in the music timing with an action. An example is when you move your finger across to highlight the key points you want to express.

Post ideas: wearing outfits for different purposes, new products, unboxings of products, advantages of products, or knowledge sharing.

Tip 2: You can make use of the Align effect to create interesting transitions.

The Align effect can be found in IG's reel effects on the left side of your screen.

When used, the recording screen will gradually show the previous video shot.

So you can shoot different videos in the same location to combine to make interesting transitions (original location to a different location or change into a different costume, etc.)

Post ideas: special outfits and a new environment to visit, or a mood change.

Tip 3: You can make use of the green screen effect to amplify the main points of the video.

You can find the green screen effect when you tap the plus sign button on the lower left portion of your screen, which is for adding photos or video clips. It will open your phone gallery, and on the upper right, tap "Green Screen," then tap an image or video you want to use as a background. You can now record a video of yourself with a customized background.

Post ideas: sharing new knowledge, making new discoveries, reviewing a book, reacting to interviews, or sharing thoughts on reports

Short-form videos are here to stay, and with the attention span of social media users nowadays, it’s crucial for creators and business owners to be on top of things such as using reels on a regular basis.

We hope you can try one of the tips on your next Instagram reel and have fun experimenting and squeezing those creative juices out.

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