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“Within just one year, my business experienced an incredible eightfold increase in revenue.”

Before discovering Creators Masterclass, my career as a yoga instructor was limited to offering one-on-one private yoga sessions at a rate of $60 per hour. My income was unstable. And my schedule was so hectic as I was often tied up with making home visits at my students’ places for private lessons. I just knew I had to find a better solution.

When I first heard about Creators Masterclass, I initially thought it was just another typical course that would teach me how to put my recorded yoga courses online for passive income. Little did I know that it would completely transform my life in ways I couldn't have imagined.

Thanks to the unwavering support of my dedicated mentors, I was able to transform my business into something amazing. They guided me in implementing a highly effective sales funnel to provide a targeted solution with my new Ishiki Energy branding. This is all about helping busy adults to triple their daily Energy Level, with 3-15min practical techniques that eventually awakens each individual magnetic vibe to attract opportunities and abundance in life.

And this did wonders!

Creators Masterclass also covered vital aspects like the art of closing high-ticket clients, strategic pricing and packaging, and so much more.

And hey - you won’t believe the results! Within just one year, my business experienced an incredible eightfold increase in revenue. And I was able to break the revenue ceiling from 5-figures to 6-figures a year.

Creators Masterclass has been nothing short of life-changing!

Lu Sin

Co-Founder of Senses Therapy